8 Popular Cat Breeds - Everything You Should Know

8 Popular Cat Breeds - Everything You Should Know
8 Popular Cat Breeds - Everything You Should Know


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Animals' lovers don’t distinguish between animals. Either they love, or they don’t. There is a question that people ask their known people, that either they are a cat person or a dog person. You will be amazed after hearing that there is a similarity of 95.6% of DNA between cats and tigers.

So here I am going to tell you about 8 popular cat breeds. This list consists of cats from all over the world.

8 Popular Cat Breeds


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The International Cat Association has nominated a few cats in their top cat list. The list has been made after taking data from many animal associations.

1.    Siberian Cat

This breed has been popular for its hairy body. You must have watched this cat on your television. The formal name of this cat is Siberian Forest Cat. People used to call it Moscow Semi-longhair. Cat is famous as a pet for almost every household. This cat came to the United States in 1990.


Siberians are famous for being agile jumpers, also they are powerful. They have large eyes, long tails, and broad foreheads. There are three different types of hair, down hair, awn hair, and guard hair.

2.    Exotic Shorthair Cats

This cat has been named America’s most popular cat. This cat is a cross between American shorthairs and Persians. This is a calm and gentle cat. They are also friendly-natured.


Their head looks oval, broad, and massive. Their ears are small, but their eyes are large and round. These cats are small in size but very intelligent. You may think the maintenance is expensive, but they can keep their fur tidy with a little assistance.

3.    Ragdoll Cats

If you want your cat partner to be relaxed and calm, then Ragdolls are for you. This is very famous in the cat community. This cat is one of the largest breeds. Although many people call them “puppy-cats”, you can find their characteristics similar to dogs.


This breed is very smart. A ragdoll is a good companion if you have children in your house. Also, you can train them well.

4.    Persian Cats

This cat is famous for its gentle, sweet face, round eyes, and laid-back personality. Also, they are intelligent, beautiful, affectionate, and calm animals. Cat lovers are very fond of Persians.


This is the oldest cat, they have been living on this planet since 1684 B.C. You may already understand the origin of this cat is from Persia (Iran), also they have evolved a lot. But one thing remains the same, their thick fur. So, you shouldn’t bathe them often.

5.    Peterbald

This cat has taken in the 5th name, the Peterbald. You are already thinking about their body by knowing its name. Cat lovers say that this cat is an aerial ballet. Also, they keep their temperament controlled. Also, this is a crossbreed between Oriental shorthair and Donsky.


They are also intelligent, friendly, interactive, and affectionate. They are hairless and can be white, red, orange, black, fawn, grey, and lilac. Because of their hairless body, they are sensitive to many things.

6.    Sphynx Cats

There are people who do not find this cat, but for cat lovers, Sphynx is love. They are hairless with wrinkled skin. They are also a new breed, and the firstborn cat was in 1966 in Canada.


Though there is a genetic anomaly, this cat is healthy. They are rare, also a people’s cat. Because of their hairless skin, they are indoor cats. But they are friendly, playful, and want all the attention.

7.    American Shorthair Cats

This cat is purely an “America’s breed”. Although their origin is in Europe, they were brought from Europe. Nowadays, this cat is one of the friendliest cats in almost every household. They are famous for consistency, controlled temperament, and intelligence.


The American shorthair is one of the best pets for a family with kids. They are lovable, mellow-natured, and gentle with kids. They are the best pets for a working family with children.

8.    Kurilian Bobtail

I will end this list with the Kuriilian Bobtail cat, its origin is in the Kuril Islands. They can be both short and long-haired. They are also a new breed, but they are already famous in the cat community worldwide.


This cat is well-known for fishing and hunting. Also, you will be amazed after hearing that this cat loves to play in the water. They are clever also gentle, which makes them a little different from other cats.

To Conclude

You can visit different cat organizations’ official websites for more learning if you want to know about more cats. I hope you have found this article interesting and knowledgeable.



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