How Long Does a Pet Portrait Take to Create?

How Long Does a Pet Portrait Take to Create?
How Long Does a Pet Portrait Take to Create?

As a pet parent eager to commission portraits, I know folks often wonder, "How long will this artwork take?" The timeline varies, but some artists like Portrait My Pet pride themselves on fast turnaround. Here I'll overview factors that influence pet portrait speed.

Digital Creation vs. Traditional Media

If created digitally, portrait time is minimized. Digital art involves editing photos and digitally painting effects. This accelerates the process versus traditional media like oil or watercolor which takes longer.

Portrait My Pet offers a mix - some portraits digitally rendered for those wanting quick art, while also providing classic painted styles.

The Artist's Schedule and Workload

Turnaround times depend on the artist's availability and current project load. This applies to digital and traditional pet portraits alike.

Some companies like Portrait My Pet have multiple pet portrait artists they can utilize to limit delay and fast track orders.

Level of Customization and Detail

Simple headshot pet portraits take less time than ornately costumed scenes. The more intricate the concept, the longer creation will likely be.

Discuss expectations with your artist regarding how customized you want your vision brought to life. Portrait My Pet is transparent about time variances.

Rush Orders and Special Delivery

Most artists can expedite orders for added fees. Portrait My Pet has same day proofing and 2-4 day standard delivery. But for pets' birthdays or holidays, they will rush orders with priority processing and shipping.

Discuss any timing motivations upfront so your artist can advise. Being flexible on delivery can expedite your portrait's creation.

Balancing Quality and Speed for Pet Portraits

While turnaround varies, partners like Portrait My Pet aim for art that's both fast and intricate in detail. Their blend of technology, artistic team size, and transparency enables high quality on tight timelines. Clearly communicate your ideal timing and they can make it work!

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