Our Pet Portraits Journey

personalized and custom pet portraits


Step into the captivating narrative of Portrait My Pet, a realm where our achievements, including the Most Innovative International Pet Portraits Business accolade from The Perfect Gift Awards and the title of Best Rated Pet Portraits by Quality Business Awards, boast names as extensive as a cat's afternoon nap. Yes, we're serious; our awards come with rather elaborate descriptions!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the tale of pampering your cherished furry companion? While they joyfully wag their tails and purr at your touch, when was the last time they gazed upon their own dazzling selves in a portrait? It's high time for that delightful experience!

Our devoted team embarks on a journey to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Beyond the act of capturing pets, we specialize in immortalizing your four-legged family members through art. This art is not just meant for your wall but serves as the perfect gift, even for grandma.

Beyond a mere transaction, we stand beside you and your pet. Need revisions? We persist until we capture that tail wag or purr perfectly. With an unwavering passion, we artfully transform your pet's photo into a unique masterpiece, using only the finest materials.

Select your preferred style: framed, unframed, or canvas with a mounting kit. Craving something extra special? Just ask. We're more than prepared to turn your creative concept into a timeless piece that will infuse warmth into your heart.

Already received your portrait? Wonderful! Now, share a photo capturing your pet's reaction (hopefully, they approve) and leave a review. Your joy propels our creative spirit.

So, don't wait. Your pet's inner superstar is ready for its close-up. Send in that photo and let our artists turn it into something magical. Your pet's soul is full of secrets, and we're here to spill them all onto pet canvas in the most enchanting way.

Expanding our mission to immortalize extraordinary bonds, Portrait My Pet welcomed Iris Blink into our family in 2023. This sister brand, born from a fascination with the intricacy of the human iris, transforms personal iris photography into captivating custom artworks. Just as we capture beloved pets' souls through handcrafted portraits, Iris Blink captures the mesmerizing details and spirit of each customer's iris, crafting personalized masterpieces that resonate deeply