Thinking about traveling with your dog?

Thinking about traveling with your dog? - PORTRAIT MY PET®
Thinking about traveling with your dog? - PORTRAIT MY PET®


Thinking about traveling with your dog? If so, always choose what is safe and comfortable for your furry companion. Because if your dog won't be comfortable on the trip and you can't spend quality time with him, he may be happier at home instead of accompanying you on the trip.

If you've decided to go on a trip with your furry friend, there are some tips you should follow.

Visit your vet first

Since you have planned to travel with your dog, first inform your veterinarian because a veterinarian can only provide you with the necessary documents needed for the destination country. You can ask your veterinarian about your pet's health status. Other travel requirements include vaccination, blood tests, and the microchip for identification.

Pack all the necessary equipment

If you want to keep your dog comfortable, consider some equipment to make the trip easier and more fun. Your dog's travel checklist should include the following items.

  • Dog food
  • Crate
  • Pet travel car seats and car seat belt
  • Dog leash and extra collar or harness
  • Treats
  • Toys and chew Items
  • Pet first aid kit


If your dog can wander away from you during the trip, an ID will increase his chances of returning. You must ensure that your dog must wear a collar or leash, and his name must be written on the collar along with your name and contact number.

Today, a microchip can prove useful in such situations. Similarly, you should have a recent photo of your dog that can be used in an emergency.


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Tips for traveling by car

If your dog is not used to traveling, make him comfortable by letting him sit in the car, either with you or without you. When he begins to feel comfortable, take him for short rides. A Pet travel car seats can help you to achieve this

Some dogs may suffer from a car sickness problem. If your dog shows such problems, take him on an empty stomach. But make sure you get plenty of water on the way.

  • If you let your dog roam freely in the car, do not let his head stick out of the car window as he may be get injured.
  • If your dog is in the crate, keep the car well ventilated and make sure fresh air passes through the crate.
  • If you are traveling in a truck, never allow your dog to ride in the back of an open truck.
  • You can give your dog some interactive toys during the trip to keep him busy
  • Traveling is not an exciting event for your dog, so tell your children not to tease your pup during the trip.
  • Make frequent stops for potty breaks. Never leave your dog unattended in the car, especially during the summer season, because the temperature inside the car can rise in no time. If you have to leave the car, you can designate a family member or take your dog with you.
  • When taking toilet breaks, be sure to clean the area your dog has used.
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Traveling by airplane

A health certificate of your dog from the veterinarian is very necessary in case of traveling by plane. Many airlines require a health certificate 10 days prior to travel, and some have strict rules that your dog must not be less than 8 weeks old.

Many airlines have clear instructions that their owner is responsible for checking their dog's health before traveling. You can ask your vet if tranquilizing your pet is a better option for a trip. Usually it is not recommended. In the same way, check the temperature of the flight so that it is neither too hot nor too cold for your dog.

Each airline has different rules and services. Like some airlines do not allow the use of crates if they do not meet their requirements. However, some may allow the crate if it fits inside the passenger cabin under the seat in front of you.

If you have a long flight, take your dog to the bathroom before boarding. Some airlines have separate toilets for animals. Likewise, provide your dog with ice cubes as it can keep him hydrated on long flights.

When reserving for your seat, also inform airlines about your dog and make sure you have reserved a spot for your dog. This is because some airlines have restrictions on the number of animals on each flight.

Some dogs are uncomfortable moving to a new place and suffer from anxiety. For such dogs, you can take your dog bed with them because it will give them a feeling of home.

You can mentally stimulate your dog to decrease the chances of anxiety and stress by providing him with interactive toys.


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Travel by train or boat

If you travel by boat, they have different policies for pets. Some cruise lines have kennels on board, and some allow pets in a private cabin. When booking, make sure your cruise line has a facility for pets on board. If you have left your dog in the kennel, make sure he is comfortable and check on him frequently.

If you have planned to travel by train, make sure your train allows animals on trains. Some rail lines allow selective animals on specific trains. On trains, it is primarily the passenger's responsibility to look after their pet. Since the train stops at a different station, you can take your dog out for exercise, meals, and toilet breaks.


Traveling is fun, especially when your furry companion is with you. You just have to take some time and prepare for the holidays with your dog because if you keep all the tips mentioned above in your mind, the trip will be easier for you and your dog.

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