Our Pet Portraits Journey

personalized and custom pet portraits


Welcome to Portrait My Pet, proudly crowned as the Most Innovative International Pet Portraits Business by The Perfect Gift Awards and Best Rated Pet Portraits by Quality Business Awards. We're not kidding; even our awards have long names!

Ready to pamper your furry friend? They wag their tails, purr at your touch, but rarely do they get to see their dazzling selves in a portrait. Well, it's about time!

Our team is all about making the ordinary extraordinary. We're not just capturing pets; we're immortalizing your four-legged family members in art that you'd be proud to hang on your wall or gift to grandma.

We're here for you and your pet. Want revisions? We'll do it till we get that wag or purr just right. We'll transform your pet's photo into a unique artwork using only the best materials. That's not a promise; it's our passion.

Choose your style: framed, unframed, or canvas with a mounting kit. Want something special? Just ask. We're more than ready to turn your idea into a timeless piece that will warm your heart.

Got your portrait? Great! Now share a photo of your pet's reaction (hopefully, they approve) and leave a review. Your joy fuels our creativity.

So, don't wait. Your pet's inner superstar is ready for its close-up. Send in that photo and let our artists turn it into something magical. Your pet's soul is full of secrets, and we're here to spill them all onto canvas in the most enchanting way.