Understanding the Emotions of Your Pet Cat to Treat It Right

Signs of cats missing you
Signs of cats missing you

You love cats for their strong and independent streaks that look more attractive when they exhibit loyalty and fondness for you. But there can be times when you find them a little aloof and wonder what's gone wrong. You expected them to greet you with lovely gestures, but that tail flick may have upset you. Or, your kid may have spotted such signs when they started going to school. While you all feel disappointed, please remember that your kitten needs help. These are signs of her separation anxiety. If you want to see your kitty in its full form like before, understand why she does what she does. Here are some helpful insights in this regard.

Signs of cats missing you

Do cats miss you? It’s all in the signs. The cat can turn cold toward you with little or no trace of excitement. Or, she can yowl or cling to you more as you or your kid prepares to leave home. Observe if your kitten has recently been meowing a lot, something they do to communicate with you. It will not do this with cats. Hence, if you find her crying behind the door, this is for you. She wants to let you know about her anxiety. Sometimes, they can show aggressiveness by scratching furnishings or knocking them out. Excess grooming, emptying bowels outside the litter box, and others also hint at her emotional state. She can eat less, too. 

Ways to Treat Your Lonely Cat

Dealing with an anxious feline can be challenging, especially if you all have busy schedules. But patience and regular practice can yield good results. Involve your kid in this exercise to make your kitty her older self again. The cat feels distressed after you leave. To reduce this pain for her, acclimatize your cat to the events of departures gradually. Leave her for brief periods initially. When you come back, cuddle her generously. Shower your affection on her. As you extend your hours of absence from the house, snuggle and hug her more when you return. These regular practices will make her get along with this reality eventually. She will wait for you instead of missing your presence. Like dogs, you can condition them with training.

Lift your bag as if you are going out and observe her behavior. Does she look anxious? Leave the bag aside and cuddle her. It will help decondition her negative experience of feeling lonely. She will start linking it with your hugs. Also, make the home environment stimulating for your pet with food, puzzles, and toys. Create vertical spaces they like to climb. Something like a cat tree can be a good addition. Since scratching is their spontaneous nature, introduce scratch-friendly items. Some cat owners keep indoor plants suitable for their feline friends. 

So, understanding her behavior is crucial, whether the cat misses you or your kid. She needs comfort and assurance from your end. If you keep patience and help her overcome anxiety, many things will be sorted. You can travel alone without worrying about her health and well-being when required.


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