Create Your Custom Pet Art in 3 Easy Steps

Pet Portrait Outfits

Choose Your Pet's Unique Style

Browse through our collections of over 150 custom pet portrait styles. We guarantee you'll discover the perfect outfit that captures your pet's personality. From renaissance to funny paintings, find the perfect portrayal that captures your pet's unique personality. With options ranging from playful to regal, our diverse styles ensure you discover a representation that beautifully embodies the charm of your companion.


Photo for Custom Pet Art

Upload Your Pet's Photo with Ease

Choose a photo of your pet from your phone then use our upload photo option or simply take a new pet photo. It's important to ensure that the photo is taken in natural lighting to capture your pet's true colors and features. This thoughtful consideration during the photo-taking process contributes to the creation of a lifelike and authentic pet portrait that beautifully preserves the essence of your beloved companion.


Pet Portrait Preview

Place Your Pet Portrait Order

In the blink of an eye (well, maybe a day), your artwork will be ready for its grand debut. Get ready to be amazed as you preview your pet portrait. Need a few tweaks? No problemo! Just let us know, and we'll work our magic until it's just right. Once you're over the moon with joy, give us the green light to print that masterpiece! Rest assured, our commitment to your satisfaction goes beyond the preview stage. We are here to ensure that every detail is tailored to your liking, guaranteeing a final printed masterpiece that captures the true essence of your beloved pet.


Photography Tips for Stunning Pet Portraits!


pet portraits photography

Oh, and before you get too snap-happy, we've got a few guidelines to ensure your pet steals the show. First off, make sure to capture your fur baby in the best lighting possible. Natural daylight is the bee's knees! And try to get on their level, eye to eye, for that extra dose of cuteness.

Now, here's a little secret: your pet doesn't have to be a camera superstar. They can look anywhere but the lens! And remember, the closer, the better. We want to see every adorable whisker and nose boop.

But wait, there's more! Keep those paws in frame, folks. We can't add missing features (like ears!) if they're not in the original photo. Oh, and let's not forget about the fur. Make sure it's not fuzzy-wuzzy or blurry. We want your pet's colors to shine like a rainbow!

And here's the best part: backgrounds and collars are no biggie. We'll whisk them away like magic, leaving your pet as the true star of the show.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's turn your pet into the superstar they were born to be! Get ready for a custom pet portrait experience like no other. Happy snapping!


Choosing the Perfect Pet Photo for Your Portrait: What Makes a Great Shot?

Selecting an ideal photo lays the foundation for a stunning pet portrait. Consider these tips for capturing a perfect shot: Opt for natural lighting to showcase your pet's true colors. Capture their personality in candid moments, and focus on clear, well-defined features. Remember, the best photos often reflect the genuine essence of your furry friend, ensuring a portrait that truly captures their unique spirit.

Great Shots

Close-Up | Full Face | Bright Lighting 

pet portraits good photos

Paw-sitively Bad Shots

Partial Face | Face Covered | Too Close or Too Far

Pet Portrait Bad Photos

Having doubts about your pet's photo? No need to fret! Just send it over by email or give us a jingle in our chat. Our devoted team of experts will work their magic and give it the royal treatment it deserves! So go ahead, let your worry fly away like a mischievous butterfly. We've got you covered!