Is Your Dog Suffering from Periodontal Disease? Can Natural Remedies Prove Effective in Treating Gum Problems?

Dogs Periodontal Disease
Dogs Periodontal Disease

The oral health of your dog will have a huge impact on their overall health conditions. Despite taking precautions, your dog might still develop oral problems. Gum disease and dental problems are some of the most common health conditions among dogs.

Failing to maintain their oral health will have a direct impact on their other internal organs such as kidneys, heart, liver, and digestive system. Periodontal disease will also cause numerous problems, including physical pain.

If you manage to determine the root causes of periodontal disease or any other type of oral infection in your dog, you will be able to implement the necessary home remedies. If your dog is suffering from periodontal disease and you are looking for home remedies, consider reading this blog.


Importance of Your Dog’s Oral Health

Do you know dental disease is the primary culprit behind the systemic disease in your dog? When oral health is poor, your dog can suffer from numerous problems such as kidney disease, heart disease, cancer risks, liver diseases, and diabetes.

In fact, many dogs face kidney failure or other kidney-related issues due to their poor oral health condition. On the other hand, your dog’s oral health will also take a toll when they have a kidney problem.

This is why taking proper oral care of your dog is beyond important. With regular checks, you can detect problems before they become too concerning. Keep reading to learn the best ways to prevent periodontal disease in your dog.


Brush Their Teeth Daily

The best way to prevent your dog from developing complicated oral problems such as periodontal disease is by taking care of their teeth. Even though you will find various articles that will tell you how to take proper care of your teeth, nothing is more effective than brushing them properly.

As the owner, you need to brush your dog’s teeth daily to ensure the gums and teeth remain healthy and strong. In some specific cases, vets might also recommend you brush your dog’s teeth twice. While cleaning the teeth, consider choosing a toothbrush made specifically for your dog. You will also need to purchase toothbrushes according to their age as toothbrushes made for adult dogs are harder. In addition, purchase toothpaste made specifically for dogs as they come with essential antibacterial.


Focus on Nutrition

The diet you choose for your dog will play a crucial role in strengthening the gums and teeth. Hence, feeding them healthy and nutrition-rich food is crucial. Dogs that have a natural and healthy diet are less prone to periodontal disease. This means that you should feed your dog with raw meaty bones, chewy muscle meat, and recreational bones. A natural and healthy diet will increase the healthy microbiome and the good bacteria and enzymes will prevent tartar and plaque. As per Pet MD, your dog needs proper nutrition to maintain muscle tone.

Gnawing on recreational bones will make the gums and teeth of your dog healthy and strong. In addition, it will also provide them with hours of enjoyment. A bad and unhealthy diet will not only affect their oral health but also their overall health condition. While choosing a good diet for your dog, you can also consider adding some green vegetables. Fish is also a great source of protein.


Try Dental Chews

Dental chews and dental treats are also a great way to keep your dog’s teeth healthy and hygienic. They are also a yummy treat for your dog at the same time without damaging their teeth. Many dental chew toys feature a textured surface that can prove extremely effective in removing plaque and tartar. These toys will remove debris from their mouth when they chew. Dental chews are designed to last for a couple of hours. But just because you need to purchase a dental chew doesn’t mean you choose anything. Consider choosing something that is verified by the vets. You should also ask your vet and they will help you choose the best dental chews for your dog.


Give Them Probiotic Supplements

A great way to prevent periodontal disease in dogs is by adding probiotic supplements to your dog’s diet. The probiotic supplements will enhance the growth of good mouth bacteria. On top of that, probiotics will also enhance the growth of a healthy oral microbiome. Probiotics will build good bacteria which will combat bad oral bacteria. It will also prevent gum disease as well as tartar buildup from taking place. Research stated that probiotic supplements can prove extremely effective at preventing and treating oral infections such as periodontal disease. Probiotics can also prevent halitosis.


Purchase Ozonated Oils and Apply Them to the Gums and Teeth

Even though ozonated oils can also prove useful, make sure you purchase them from a reputed manufacturer. These oils are combined with ozone until they form a gel-like substance. Ozone comes with effective antibacterial properties and has been proven to enhance healing. If your dog is suffering from periodontal disease and other types of gum problems, you can treat tooth infections at home with ozonated oils.

As the oils don’t taste great, you might face problems applying them to your dog’s teeth and gum. But you can find different types of oils in the market. Consider experimenting with the different oil options to know which one is suitable for your dog. When used properly, the ozonated oils can remove tartar and manage complicated gum infections such as periodontal disease.


Professional Dental Cleaning

Sometimes the symptoms of periodontal disease will become so severe that your dog will end up suffering from other physical problems. If you don’t want to see your dog in such conditions, you should consider taking them to professional dental cleaning once or twice a year. Dogs in the second stage of periodontal disease will require professional dental cleanings. The vet will thoroughly examine the teeth condition of your dog with dental x-rays to know more about the problems. This way they will be able to identify the affected areas and other signs of possible periodontal disease. They will also clean and polish the teeth.

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The best way to prevent periodontal disease, teeth damage, or tooth decay in your dog is by paying close attention to their oral condition from an early age. If you’re noticing early signs of periodontal disease in your dog, contact a vet as soon as possible.

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