Learn Everything About Obedience Training For A Pet

Learn Everything About Obedience Training For A Pet
Learn Everything About Obedience Training For A Pet

We all like having pets; they are our fun companions. Their presence helps decrease our anxiety and depression levels. Not just this, having a pet makes us more responsible and understanding. It is why it is always an option to have a loving companion around. However, to enjoy their company, you may have to train them in the right way.

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A well-trained pet would be easier to take care of and manage. Considering that, it would be best to start training a pet the moment you bring it home. An instructed and obedient one can save you from embarrassing and uncomfortable situations.

Do you want a training guide for your four-legged companion? If yes, you may know why it is a good idea. You can build a strong bond with any pet while also training them for good behavior. Now that we understand why obedience training is necessary for a pet. Let us know how to implement it.

Pick their name and stick by it.

It is natural for anyone to respond only when they are called upon. Likewise, a pet needs a name so that it can respond to your command. By the time you bring them home, show haste in giving them a name. And make sure everyone else in your family calls them by the same name.

Train the pet for house rules.

Naturally, they would only consider your command over anybody else. So, you would establish some ground rules for a pet to obey. Rules like— the place where it sleeps, the people it should be familiar with, its eating spot, and when it should excrete. You have to be consistent with acknowledging these rules with any pet.

Spend your time playing with them.

When you spend quality time with a pet, they tend to follow your command. The more they get familiar with your presence, the more they would want to obey you. Pets develop their responses over time. When you play with them, you and the pet initiate a level of coordination for each other.

Take them outdoors so that they can learn to socialize.

It would be a convenient idea to sometimes take the pet away from home for training. This way, you can develop their recognition for the people you meet daily. Not just this, they would learn to behave around others. One can form a companionship while on a daily walk with the pet.

Use specific commands for their particular actions.

Basic commands like sit, come, go, eat, etc., should be used often. Do not switch to different words when intending for the same action. Stressing over the same word, like sit, can induce a sense of obedience in the pet. Repeatedly hearing a command can make them habitual of these terms.

Surprise them with treats.

You can easily convince any pet for a command if they feel they are being rewarded for it. Find tasty and healthy treats for them to enjoy. There are snacks, like CBD treats, to help you with training purposes. These treats can provide pets with energy and relief from any physical pain and inflammation. They are also light and easily digestible.


To begin with, try calling out the pet’s name. And when they react, surprise them with a treat for responding. It will make them feel appreciated for their obedience. This technique will inculcate a habit in them to always respond to your command. You should even reward them after each training session.

Who is in charge?

To make sure the pet obeys your command, try the language of dominance. Yes! You can try dominating them, not physically, but persuasively. Look them in the eye when making them follow a command.

Once they see you as a person in charge, you need to extend this technique. Avoid kneeling in front of the pet during obedience training. It will give you a height advantage. Let them have their food only after you have had yours. These dominant actions will make them listen to you and obey your orders.

Is it easy to train your Pooch for obedience?

It ultimately depends on how far you want to go with a pet’s obedience training. If you do not intend on advanced training, even your moderate efforts will satisfy the training criteria. That being said, a pet can still manage to not obey you if you are not consistent.

Consistency in your training is what will define the bar. Short training sessions, but with consistent enforcement, can develop healthy, obedient behavior in your furry companion. Avoid forcing them with something they are reluctant to do. Alternatively, your journey to make your pet obedient will become an endless one.


Where should you train a pet— Home or outdoors?

While both the options are considerable, training at home can have the upper hand. It is because a one-on-one training session with your four-legged partner will help them recognize you as their owner. It will help them to focus more on you and your directions.

The privacy you get in your home can help the pet become familiar with his new homely surroundings. It is also because you can concentrate more on upskilling their responsive characteristics and discipline.


Perks of having an obedient four-legged companion?

It would be amazing to have an obedient pet that knows how to behave around people and even other animals. Some of the perks you can enjoy are—

  • They are easily managed
  • Your affection for them will grow
  • A pet that listens you can be a pleasing experience
  • You have a sense of safety for your pet
  • You can become a proud pet owner

Should you opt for a professional pet trainer?

One may consider taking help from a professional pet trainer, but they might lose the bond with their beloved companion. To train your canine-partner in a more personalized way, let them be trained by you. They will be delighted to spend alone time with their owners.



Every pet deserves attention and care during their training. Love and care drive their natural instincts. Eventually, making them obey you. The right consistency, patience, and understanding can do amazing things to your pet's obedience training.

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