How to Pick the Safest Toys for your Pet

the Safest Toys for your Pet
the Safest Toys for your Pet

Getting pet toys for your furry baby is the best way of keeping them active and occupied. No matter if you have a young puppy, an adult, or a senior dog; giving them some toys to play with apart from the regular treats and long walks is a great way of strengthening the bond.

It keeps them engaged to reduce pent-up energy that often leads to destructive behavior. No one likes seeing a bored and depressed dog, and if the same is true for you as well, then shopping for some pet toys online will make sense to you.

However, it’s also important to ensure that the toys you are buying are safe for your pet and don’t contain any harmful chemicals or materials that can end up doing more damage than good. Therefore, as a responsible pet parent, you must do proper research before deciding to bring home that shiny new toy for your pet.

In this blog post, we are going to look at a few points you should keep in mind when buying pet toys Dubai to help you get toys that are both fun and safe for your pet!

the Safest Toys for your Pet

Choose Toys with Non-Toxic Materials

Always ensure that you read the label properly and look out for the list of materials used in manufacturing. Never buy non-branded products as there is hardly any information regarding the materials as they may contain toxic materials that can harm your pet. It’s best to stick to branded products from reliable brands that are known for making toys that are safe for pets.

Keep a watch out for active materials like glues, paints, dyes, and adhesives, and steer clear of toys that contain these. They can cause a myriad of health issues such as gastrointestinal upset, and vomiting, and can sometimes even be fatal due to the buildup of toxic materials over time.

Pick Toys that are Easy to Clean 

Toys will get dirty over a period, and you don’t want your pet playing with a toy that’s not been cleaned properly as that can lead to health or dental issues. So, keep it simple, and pick toys that are easy to clean as and when required. This holds especially true for people living in humid areas, as bacteria buildup is far more common in hot and humid areas.

Avoid Toys that Come with a Risk of Being Swallowed Whole

Pet Toys that are too small for your pet can pose a danger of being swallowed whole. Therefore, ideally, you should get toys that are of the right size, i.e., neither too small nor too large for your pet as they may get stuck in their throat or intestines leading to serious complications like blockages and choking.

Stuff like rawhide, even though they are popular, can be dangerous if ingested. They are often treated with chemicals that are unsafe for pets to make them long-lasting and can cause intestinal blockage. It’s best to get toys made of soft material that’s durable, and non-toxic to use for activities such as fetching, chewing, and tugging.

Avoid Toys with Sharp Edges

Getting any toys with sharp edges is a bad idea. The sharp edges can cause injuries and pose a serious risk to sensitive areas such as the eyes, and gums. It’s best to stick with toys that have blunt or round edges to avoid the risk of an injury.

Safest Toys for Pets

If you are looking for toys that are completely safe for your pet and pose no risk, then we have a few suggestions. Pick firm rubber toys, rope toys, tennis balls, and durable stuffed toys for your pet if you are looking for brand-new toys. They typically don’t contain any toxic materials, and neither poses risks such as choking or intestinal blockages.

 Your pet deserves to be pampered and appreciated for the joy they add to our lives, and getting them some toys is the best way to return the favor as it keeps them happy and engaged. But, as discussed always ensure that you pick the right toys for your pet. Here is a summary of the key points!

Always avoid toys containing glues, paints, dyes, and adhesives
Pick toys that are easy to clean
Pick the right-sized toys to avoid the risk of swallowing
Pick toys with blunt or round edges to avoid the risk of an injury
Pick rubber toys, rope toys, tennis balls, and durable stuffed toys instead of raw hides, strings, and yarns


The next time you pick toys for your pet online, keep these things in mind to keep your pets active and safe at the same time. There are a variety of pet toys available online made of the finest components, that don’t contain any toxic materials. So, the next time you shop, we hope you can make an informed decision and get your pets the toys they deserve.


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