Our Story


Portrait My Pet is the winner of the Most Innovative International Pet Portraits Business by The Perfect Gift Awards and the Pet Portraits Business of the Year by CorporateLiveWire.

Portrait My Pet is a fun and easy way to have a custom pet portrait created of your best friend. Pets capture our hearts and become a part of our families. We love our pets, but we rarely have their likeness captured in a portrait. Now you can easily create a portrait of your furry friend to hang on your wall or give as a gift to your family members or friends.

We’re a group of artists who love to help people find the art of everyday life. From charming pets, to stunning family portraits, we want to bring the best of your personal experiences to every day.

Our customers are the heart of this service, so we always ensure your portrait is just the way you want it, we will make any revisions needed until we've captured your pet perfectly.

Our world-class artists capture your pet’s true personality in the ultimate work of art. We use premium materials to ensure that your portrait has unsurpassed quality. Each portrait is produced by an artist who specializes in portraiture, resulting in a masterpiece that will be cherished for years to come.

Our portraits are available in three different options: canvas with mounting kit, framed and unframed premium poster.

We're open to custom designs, please get in touch with your requirement and we will create a beautiful portrait that will last forever.

Once you receive our portrait or design, we appreciate to send us a photo with your pet and leave us a review on our page. 

Submit your pet photo today and our artists will do the rest.