July 17 2021


The connection of Humans and animals goes way back in time. Humans have formed a co-cordial relationship with many of them. Be it using Camels for transportation routes, cats for controlling the mouse population, bullocks to pull carts, and many more. The trend has been in place since medieval times and only has increased in modern times. The earlier human beings did not think of many possibilities to communicate with animals as they spoke a different language. Modern science explains that animals do communicate with other species using body language rather than the tongue.


The relationship of humans with canines is pretty old. Humans in the earlier ages used guard dogs for their houses and farms. They were disciplined but also brave to stray away from the predators which venture into the farms. With time humans started to trust dogs more and more. As science progressed, it revealed many things about dogs. The tail wagging, earlier recognized as a sign of anxiety, was now seen as a symbol of devotion towards their human counterparts. The fact that they had a parental instinct like humans was the cherry on the top.

Modern families love pets. They see them as the way to guard their houses and take care of the newborns present in their homes. A study by Statista shows that America had more than 80 million dogs in the country. More than sixty percent of households in the United States of America own a dog as their pet. The average number of dogs in an American family is 1.6. Recent science has provided training regimes, which train our favorite dogs to help individuals suffering from anxiety attacks and seizures. It further proves that dogs are the handiest pets for small as well as large families.


The benefits dogs have on humans are many, but the opposite might not be true in some cases. Many pet parents fail to realize that their dogs need regular exercise and a balanced diet. Humans can be too busy in their daily jobs and completely forget about their furry friends. Some on the other side are caring, which wants their favorite friend to have company while they are away at work. It is where dog kennels come into play.


Do you live alone and have a 9-5 job? Do your neighbors complain that your dog cries while you are away? Dog Kennels might be the best solution for your problems. Dog Kennels are a common place where the parents can keep their favorite pets with other dogs. It ensures that your dog does not feel alone while at work. The company of other dogs decreases anxiety in our favorite pets. Some kennels also have personalized training programs for your pets, which are very beneficial in the long run. Some Kennels can have more than 20 dogs at a time in one place, which is great for dogs as they thrive in numbers. We all know that most of the breeds in dogs thrive being a part of the group. However, when there are so many dogs in a small space, it might cause many problems related to general health.


The common deadly problems which can be a result of using dog kennels are-



Distemper is very prevalent in canines and especially in dogs. The disease is a result of a virus that is very transmissible. As kennels have many dogs in the same place, the chances of transmission are more. The virus spreads through the air and can infect others. It can cause fever, vomit, cough, and a snotty nose in your favorite furry friend.


Canine influenza is a disease that comes from the influenza virus. Influenza is particularly new in dogs, which means there is not enough research. The virus spreads through respiratory activities and can also spread through various contact surfaces. It can be due to increased dogs using the same toys and bowls for their daily activities in the kennel. The common symptoms include a snotty nose and cough.


External parasites like ticks, fleas are very harmful to dogs. They can cause itching and many other complications. The transmission from ticks can take place from other infected exercises and surface objects. The external parasites can transmit to humans and cause itching as well in the human parents of the dogs. Ticks can also transmit other diseases from one dog to another.


Many dogs can be introverts around a huge crowd, just like humans. Some do not like a challenge, which comes from the other dogs. Some dogs like the company, and some do not. The introverted dogs might well be the target of the other dogs causing infighting. It can lead to severe injuries, which can be harmful in the long run for your favorite furry friend.


CBD or Cannabidiol comes from the famous Sativa plant. The plant is a member of the large Cannabis plant family. The product came from Thailand and now plays an essential role in the United States of America. CBD is organic and does not have any short/long-term side effects on the consumer. CBD is valuable for humans and animals as well. Many CBD-Based products are available, like CBD Wax, CBD Gummies, CBD hemp oil for pets, CBD Tincture, and many more.

CBD Oil can be very beneficial for dogs. It contains CBD, THC, and other binding ingredients. The THC content is lower than 0.3%, which has no psychotropic properties. CBD Oil is sweet and can be placed on the tongue of dogs directly. The Hemp extract reduces anxiety, fever, and cough in dogs. It slows down the metabolism of the dogs and relaxes them instantly. Research shows that CBD-Based products should be a part of the wellness routines of dogs. The low THC content in CBD-Based products allows them to be legal in the United States of America and the United Kingdom. The rules for America allow a THC content percentage of 0.3%, and the United Kingdom allows a content percentage of 0.2%.


Apart from CBD, other ways can facilitate your dog to get rid of the diseases caused in the kennel-

  • Vaccines are an effective tool against viruses that cause diseases like Canine Distemper, Canine Influenza. They create antibodies in the dogs, which helps them fight the harm-causing viruses. Many recommend following a strict dose plan in consideration with your vet.
  • Regular visits to your vet are always a must. It can involve regular checkups and full-body cleaning. It will help to clean the external parasites in the skin of your dog. The earlier they remove from the fur of the dog, the better.
  • Constant physical exercise during the day can help your dog cope with dizziness. A healthy body is more protected against viruses, helping your dog to fight against them in a better way.
  • Keeping your dogs in the seclusion chambers present in the kennels can decrease the chances of physical injuries by the other dogs.



Taking utmost care of dogs should be the first on the priority list of caregivers. The kennels are an essential place, but several steps should be in place to ensure they are safe. Regular exercises and visits to the vet are a must when it comes to taking care of your furry friends. Specialists also recommend cleaning your dog thoroughly after a week or two regularly.

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